Nili Cohen

Nili Cohen

President of the Israel Academy of Science and Humanities


Nili Cohen is a former Rector of Tel-Aviv University, the Incumbent of Benno Gitter Chair in comparative contract law and the director of the Beverly and Raymond Sackler Fund for Human Rights in Private Law. As a student she was the co-founding editor of Tel-Aviv University Law Review. She is the author of Interference with Contractual Relations, Inducing Breach of Contract and co-author of Contracts A, B, C, D.   She is the recipient of the Sussman Prize (twice), the Zeltner Prize, the Minkoff Prize for excellence in Law, and the Rector Prize for Excellence in Teaching (three times).

She was a member of the Committee of the Codification of Israeli Law. She is an Associate Member of the International Academy for Comparative Law and a member of the American Law Institute.