Adah Almutairi
BREAKING THE WALL OF MEDICAL IMPRECISION. How Responsive Nanomaterials Take Medicine to the Next Level

Benjamin R. Barber
BREAKING THE WALLS OF THE NATION-STATE THROUGH INTERDEPENDENT CITIES. How a Global Parliament of Cities Can Establish a Sustainable Democracy

Christof Koch
BREAKING THE WALL TO UNDERSTANDING CONSCIOUSNESS. How Neuroscience Explains The Rise of Experience from the Brain

Dalton Conley
Breaking the Wall of Nature and Nurture. How Genes and Environment Combine to Affect Our Life Course

Karl Deisseroth
BREAKING THE WALL TO NEUROENGINEERING. How Novel Methods in Neuroscience Open up New Horizons in Research and Therapy

Sophia Vinogradov
BREAKING THE WALL OF PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITALS. How Video Games Can Improve Brain Functioning and Treat Mental Illnesses

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