WHo attends and why



What our guests said about the event


“At Falling Walls Venture, you listen to 24 pitches in one day and you remain on the tip of your chair the whole time.” Participant of Falling Walls Venture 2018

“Falling Walls provides a platform to present your venture to a diverse set of smart people. Besides the benefit in networking and feedback you get, it fuels you with passion for entrepreneurship!”  Simon Ittig, T3 Pharmaceuticals (Falling Walls Science Start-Up of the Year 2018)

"Falling Walls Venture manages to reach out to a very large number of areas in the world. They cover the whole world of entrepreneurship.” Hermann Hauser, Amadeus Capital Partners

"There is not a lot that can top this. The prize attracts enormous attention from potential customers." Georg Machnik, JeNaCell (Falling Walls Science Start-up of the Year 2017)

“In Falling Walls Venture, startups find an enthusiastic and supportive community from all over the world!” Christian Elias Schneider, Universität Basel

“One of the most anticipated events for top start-ups.“ Carsten Mahrenholz, Coldplasmatech

"Innovation is mainly done by start-up companies, therefore I am very interested to see what these start-up companies have to propose." Beat Weibel, Siemens

“When I came here to present our first product, we had just entered the market. Afterwards, everybody knew us, and this really made a difference.” Dana Kralisch, JeNaCell (Falling Walls Science Start-up of the Year 2017)

“Falling Walls has been a tremendous platform for us to make the world aware of our science.” Tom Monroe, Vaxxilon (Falling Walls Science-Start-up of the Year 2016)

“This is a unique event that scientific start-ups need.” Stefan von Holtzbrinck, Holtzbrinck Publishing Group (Chairman of the Falling Walls Venture Jury)

"The level of energy you get from Falling Walls is just incredible.” Alison Mitchell, Springer Nature (Jury Member 2017)

"I wish I had a fund to invest in almost all companies that presented!” Monica Dodi, Women‘s Venture Capital Fund

“The quality of startups and the overall organisation was simply outstanding.” Lotfi Belkhir, McMaster University