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9 November – Falling Walls Conference



9.00 am Welcome, Sebastian Turner

TIMOTHY GARTON ASH , Oxford University, 1989 - Today

9.20 am – Session One

FAITH OSIER , Heidelberg University Hospital, Malaria Immunology

MARK POST , Maastricht University, Cultured Meat  

MEREDITH WHITTAKER , New York University, AI in Society

11.20 am – Session Two  

ANTJE BOETIUS , Alfred Wegener Institute of Marine and Polar Research, Polar Exploration

GREGOIRE COURTINE & JOCELYNE BLOCH , Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne/
Lausanne University Hospital, Neuroprosthetics 

DIXON CHIBANDA , University of Zimbabwe, Global Mental Health

DABO GUAN , Tsinghua University, Climate Change Economics

2.15 pm – Session Three

SAMI HADDADIN , Technical University of Munich, Robotics and Machine Learning

SEGENET KELEMU , International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology, Insects and Food Security

CHRIS MONROE , University of Maryland, Quantum Computing

SHOSHANA ZUBOFF , Harvard Business School, Surveillance Capitalism 

4.45 pm – Session Four

TANIA BRUGUERA , Hannah Arendt International Institute of Artivism, Havana, Art and Social Change

SHEP DOELEMAN , Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Black Hole Imaging

SANG YUP LEE , Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Bioengineering

MARYANNE WOLF , University of California, Los Angeles, Neuroscience of Reading