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The Call for Support

We want to increase our engagement in developing countries and offer more aspiring researchers the chance to present their ideas, business models and social initiatives. Our aim is to foster interdisciplinary exchange in science, technology and innovation for sustainable development.

Your support will give aspiring researchers from developing countries the chance to showcase their innovative ideas on an international stage at the Falling Walls Lab Finale in Berlin on 8/9 November 2017.


Your sponsorship will...

  • give an aspiring researcher with limited resources the possibility to attend the Falling Walls Lab Finale and Conference on 8/9 November 2017.
  • enhance the scholars' professional development and enrich their research through valuable feedback given by peers, an interdisciplinary audience and the jury.
  • benefit the wider community through the encouragement of research and the investment in emerging talents.


We will connect you with the supported scientists.


Please contact us at lab@falling-walls.com and our team will provide you with more details on the Falling Walls Lab Patron programme.


* Your sponsorship is tax-deductible. 19% VAT will be added to your commitment.