The Falling Walls Lab Singapore celebrated a day of innovative ideas

The Nanyang Technological University of Singapore (NTU) hosted its first Falling Walls Lab on 2 September 2016. 

17 outstanding talents and innovative thinkers presented their research projects, business models and social initiatives in front of a high-calibre jury and an interdisciplinary audience. The presentations featured topics such as microbial biofilms, antibiotic resistance, poverty and paper pollution.

The two most intriguing presenters win a slot at the Falling Walls Lab Finale in Berlin on 8 November 2016. The winners also receive a ticket for the Falling Walls Conference on 9 November where some of the world's most prominent scientists speak on their current breakthroughs.


Meet the winners

1. Place: Guo Sheng James Moo     Singapore     Nanyang Technological University     Breaking the Wall of Powering Machines in the Nanoscale

Humans have been fascinated with moving objects in the natural world since the beginning of time. However, to replicate them in the sub-micron level, requires overcoming random forces of fluid flow. To recreate locomotion at the nanoscale, Guo Sheng James offers a unique technology of bubble propulsion. Bubble ejection pushes the nanomachine at ultrafast speeds, moving at hundreds of body lengths per second.

2nd Place: Wang Ting Sow     Malaysia     Nanyang Technological University     Breaking the Wall of Resource Conservation

Paper consumption has risen by 400% in the past 40 years, raising concerns over the ecological effects from trees harvesting and pollution issues due to de-inking process during paper recycling. Wang Ting recycles human hair into papers using the most cost-effective green approach leveraged from mature technologies in R&D. The essence here is to use waste hair as the raw material for paper production.


Meet the jury

Prof. Helga Nowotny, Member of the Board of Trustees, Falling Walls Foundation

Inderjit Sing, Member of the Board of Trustees, Nanyang Technological University

Prof. Ng Huck Hui, Executive Director, Genome Institute of Singapore

Koh Buck Song, CEO, Integrative CSR Consulting

Sascha Kienzle, Head of Science and Technology Department, Embassy of Germany in Singapore

Prof. Lee Pooi See, Associate Dean at the Colleage of Engineering, Nanyang Technological University


The presenters and the jury at the Falling Walls Lab Singapore 2016

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