The Falling Walls Lab Aarhus hands Morten Bormann Nielsen the golden ticket to Berlin

The Falling Walls Lab Aarhus was hosted by Aarhus University on 28 September 2016 and featured a colorful mix of ideas.

The presenters pitched their ideas from different fields of research and society in 3 minutes each. A distinguished jury made up of representatives from academia and industry selected the most intriguing presentation. 

The winner of the Falling Walls Lab Aarhus will travel to Berlin and participate in the global Lab Finale on 8 November 2016. The winner will also receive a ticket for the Falling Walls Conference on 9 November 2016 within the scope of an A.T. Kearney scholarship.

Meet the winner

1.Place: Morten Bormann Nielsen, Denmark, Aarhus University - Breaking the Wall of the Earth

Cooking up new materials using high pressure: the Earth acts as a high pressure cooker that can turn coal into diamond. However, it comes with fixed “settings” that do not work for all minerals, and as a result we miss out on useful materials. By using a hydraulic pressure cooker, that separately controls pressure and temperature, Moren creates conditions different from the inner Earth that result in new materials with better properties.

The ticket to Berlin!

Meet the jury

Sten Tiedemann, Rector, Folkeuniversitetet, Aarhus University
Louise Halleskov Storgaard, Ph.D., postdoc, Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University
Nanna Junker, Industrial Ph.D. Supervisor, Novo Nordisk
Ditlev Egeskov Brodersen, Associate Professor, Aarhus University

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