MarĂ­a Urrusti gets creative about Chagas at the Falling Walls Lab Mexico

The DAAD and the Goethe-Institut hosted the Falling Walls Lab Mexico 2016 with the support of the Federal Forgein Office of Germany on 22 August 2016.

The presenters pitched their ideas from different fields of research and society in 3 minutes each. A distinguished jury made up of representatives from academia and industry selected the most intriguing presentation. 

The winner of the Falling Walls Lab Mexico will travel to Berlin and participate in the global Lab Finale on 8 November 2016. The winner will also receive a ticket for the Falling Walls Conference on 9 November 2016 within the scope of an A.T. Kearney scholarship.


Meet the winner

María Aurora Urrusti     Mexico     Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México     Breaking the Wall of Chagas with a Creative Solution

According to the WHO, 6-7 million people worldwide are infected with American trypanosomiasis, commonly known as chagas, which is considered a “forgotten disease”. A human vaccine is not in reach yet. The disease is closely associated with adobe houses. María Aurora Urrusti asks “When we cannot vaccinate people, why not thinking about vaccinating their houses?” She thinks of using lime to “vaccinate” the adobe houses, against the host insect associated with the disease.   


Meet the jury

Dr. Alexander Au, Director, DAAD Mexico

Nathalie Dittombé, Project Coordinator, Goethe Institut

Rüdiger Kappes, Principle Secretary of Scientific Affairs, German Embassy

Max Mergenthaler Canseco, Executive Director of Studies and Evaluation of Projects, ProMéxico

Dr. Claudia L Trevino Santa Cruz, Investigator, Institute of Biotecnology, Universidad Nacional Autónoma

Abril Alzaga, Executive Coordinator for the Program Igmar Bergman and University Theater UNAM



Winner María Urrusti at the Lab in Mexico City



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