FAQ for Hosting Institutions

Download-Section for Hosting Institutions

The download area provides all hosting institutions with helpful documents and files to prepare and execute a Falling Walls Lab successfully. 

Phase 1 provides documents suitable for the acquisition of partners whereas Phase 2 offers effective material that will support the dissemination of your call for applications. Phase 3 provides you documents and files relevant for the execution of your event.

We request all international Lab organisers to read and sign our Terms and Conditions and kindly ask them to send us back an electronic copy of the document.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, For more information please visit our FAQs for hosting institutions at



Phase 1


Preparing the event/Acquisition of Partners

The following documents and files should help you to get a good overview of the effort required to launch a Falling Walls Lab. Phase 1 also features a Sponsor letter, which you may use to contact potential sponsors for your Lab.


Phase 2


Marketing and Promotion

The following files and templates will help you to market the call for applications (CfA) and your event. We already prepared some text modules for your marketing below.


The following links provide video and photo footoage of the Falling Walls Lab. Feel free to use material for your own marketing channels. To download videos from Youtube use Y2Mate or similar platforms. 


Phase 3


Jury invitation, briefing and presenter evaluation

We have prepared a text module for your jury invitation below. In order for the evaluation process to run smoothly please make sure to brief the members of your jury well.



Once you have selected your participants according to the pre-determined evaluation criteria (see Application and Evaluation Process - Phase 2), you need to inform the applicants and send the approved participants the PowerPoint Template so they can put together their presentation. Please make sure to brief the participants well to ensure a smooth presentation flow.


Execution of the event

Make sure that all participants and members of the jury are present, the roll-ups are in place and the technical setup has been checked. We strongly recommend you to conduct a final rehearsal to be prepared for all subsequent eventualities.


Phase 4


Post event wrap-up 

Your Lab was a success! Now please inform us who your winner is, download and fill out the report information and list of presenters and send it to us. Also, please send us any photos, video material and press clippings of your event.


Winner preparation


If you have any questions in reference to the Download-section, Terms and Conditions or the documents and files available for download, please get in touch with us at


The international Lab perspective

In case you wish to get the international Lab organiser perspective please contact Mara Simmonds.

Mara has organised four consecutive Falling Walls Labs at the University of Alberta, has substantial hands-on experience and is happy to share her insights with you.

Contact Mara at