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The Global Meeting on Science Strategy 

The Falling Walls Circle is the exclusive global platform for science strategists and visionaries, who shape the agenda of tomorrow by exchanging ideas and developing solutions for today‚Äôs most pressing issues in science and society. 

The invitation-only event brings together 50 key decision-makers from all around the world, including presidents, CEOs and CTOs of research organisations as well as science- and technology-focused global corporations, senior government officials, cutting-edge experts, outstanding researchers and entrepreneurs.

The Circle engages and inspires peers by exploring complex problems, building personal relationships and facilitating institutional collaborations. It connects leaders from science, business and politics, who tackle crucial issues and emerging themes in and beyond science strategy. All participants are encouraged to actively shape the event by sharing their ideas, questions and solutions. The commitment of the attendees to the Chatham House Rule ensures an open discussion atmosphere and retains its confidentiality.

The event identifies and addresses major trends every year by placing them into new contexts and developing them further into exciting and often unexpected directions. 

The Falling Walls Circle is an invitation-only meeting for science strategy and decision makers. In 2015, the Falling Walls Circle will take place as a participant-driven meeting, where the agenda content is created by the attendees. Anyone who wants to initiate a discussion on a question/topic can claim a time and a space. This year, the Falling Walls Circle features open discussions and has a self-organising character, relying on the passion and the responsibility of the participants.
The Falling Walls Circle aims to engage and inspire peers. It is a forum where inspiration is created through an open atmosphere, where people from different areas interact, share and exchange ideas and solutions. Complex problems can be explored, networks built and new collaborations emerge with the goal to enable people to break down boundaries.